Thursday, January 31, 2008

Susan's Battle Outfit

I have most of the materials for this costume. I have the garnet red velvet for the skirt, gorgeous red embroidered taffeta for the bodice and sleeves, and some gray flannel or gray felt (my choice) for the annoying collar (which might get nixed). Also, my chainmail hauberk (technically a haubergon) is half finished. I ordered more chainmail rings - hopefully they will get here tomorrow. Oh, here's my version of what my dress will look like:
I can't decide if I want to have an underdress shown at the neckline or not. The skirt is not another separate skirt; it's just an inset. Of course, you won't see the neckline because it will be hidden under chainmail (and possibly an ugly collar). But I want the dress to be pretty enough to wear without the chainmail - like to the Renaissance Faire. As for the corset, I haven't gotten very far on that yet. I do know that I want it to be extra long like hers. Hers doesn't stop at her waist; it continues to the top of her hips. Gorgeous.

I've made a muslin of this dress and everything works well except the neckline. I can't quite get it right and now it's WAY too low. Definitely not queenly. I want to have the muslin perfect before I cut into my $9-a-yard velvet.

Lucy's Underdress

I just finished what might become Lucy's underdress for her Rust Red Dress. If it fits, it will be the underdress; if it doesn't fit, it's the muslin. It actually turned out cute. I used this dollar-a-yard fabric I got at Walmart today. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my younger cousin (who is the dress is for) over here to model it.

Also, I think I have the dye combination for her silver vest. I've found a tan/silver color that looks nice with the gray underdress and also coordinates with the dusty-red velvet. I have some gold lip trim that looks kinda like this: -->

I think that might be all the materials I need to finish this dress! Whoo-hoo! 'Course it'll take me til Dooms Day to finish. *Sigh*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Getting Started!

I've started a blog because I want to! So there. This blog will chronicle (slightly a pun) my journey of making tons of the costumes for the premiere of Prince Caspian in May.