Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caspian's Brigandine

So I worked today on gluing the strips of fun foam to the fabric vest. The chest strips are 1.75 inches across and the skirt pieces are whatever the width of the skirt piece divided by three (so each skirt flare has three strips that are sorta triangular).

I've got all the skirt strips glued on and some of the front chest strips. Hopefully, it will dry completely overnight so I can work on the chest tomorrow. It will be harder because I won't be able to lay it flat because of the shoulders and seams. After that, I've got to find some way to make it curve to the body when worn. Right now it is very box-y. Very box-y. I think I'll try seeing if I have hold it over the stove-top eye to melt it a little and make it retain a curved shape. If I can't get it up to the stove, I'll try a hairdryer or a hot iron (not touching the foam, of course).

One thing I do like about this brigandine is that it is already kinda heavy. And it's only about half way done! It will help add to the feel of the costume. Cool! So far:


Leland Dantzler said...

I love the fact that I'll basically be a walking cow, what with the weight and "leather."

Though I must say how excited I am to see this. I didn't even know that I got a skirt. o.O

DeLancey said...

You know that you want a skirt. Tis very manly.

And may I just say how disheartened I am by the fact that your name isn't capitalized. Tis quite sad.

Leland Dantzler said...

Neither is yours, apparently. When I log in it must be the comments box. Down with Google!

Anna Kristine said...

Wow, I love your blog! You sure have made a lot of progress!I'm really amazed at what you can do with fun foam. I had no idea!
Now I'm inspired....:)
~Anna Kristine