Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caspian Coronation

Here's the progress on Caspian's Coronation Outfit. I already finished the green undershirt so I've been working on the overtunic. I didn't have a cream diamond matelasse so I just used a cream jacquard that I had on hand. I also found some greenish fabric that I completely lined it in. The front will button the same way as Peter's Brown Tunic. I made it so it will be about mid-thigh length and split it up the sides for movement. I used a sleeve pattern I had on hand and just guessed where to put the sleeve slit. The sleeve cuff will be the hardest part so I'll post on that soon. Here's the progress so far:

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Leland Dantzler said...

Although his other one is made for me, I still think this one is fantasmic. It just screams "I'm a royalty type guy."

Can't wait to see this in the movie/audience/on Michael. Minus that last sketchy "on Michael" part.