Sunday, April 27, 2008


Okay so my 'Peter' came over today to try on his Peter Outfit. I even got a picture.

I guess it's okay. I was kinda disappointed that the tunic was so large - I made it to his size! But the width is okay with a belt (he will have a better belt). The thing that's really annoying me is the shoulders. My Peter sadly does not have super broad shoulders so it look a little big. But I've already got the grommets on there and the lacing. I thought about trying to take a big pintuck right at the edge of the bias tape and then maybe you wouldn't see it. Anybody have any ideas on that? I might also make the blue shirt a little shorter.

Then my 'Caspian Coronation' tried on his undershirt and it was fine. I had only cut out the overtunic so I just kinda draped it on him and realized that I would have to take the sides in about 8 inches. I made the Small! I hate pattern discrepancies.

Then my 'Caspian Main' tried on his white shirt again and I hated it. It was about 8 inches too short (my brother is 6'6") and the sleeves were not poofy enough. So I'll rip that one up and try again. Also his brigandine (which I haven't cut out yet) will need quite a few fittings because it sits so close to the body.

Of course, the entire time I was trying to fit the costumes, the guys were making fun of my cuirass (and its inherent skankiness) and quoting some Zelda saying about 'hero of time' using my pauldons and gauntlets. *sigh*


Elenatintil said...

Don't get discouraged about the guy costumes. Remember, guys like things BIG! And they get fussy if something is too tight. So it may bother you, but at least they'll be comfortable.

I'm looking forwards to hearing more about Caspian's Brigadine, since I'm hoping to make that myself!

Leland Dantzler said...

Do not mock the "Hero of Time (FACE ME!)," it's supposed to be funny.

And you know that Prince George is skanky. This is not even arguable.

I actually like the white shirt. Not that it really means anything since it got positively shredded, but it was coo'.

I thought Travis' "Peter" costume looked really good, myself. The shoulder caps, regardless of where his shoulders may or may not be, are freakin' awesome. Nothing says "manly" like laced shoulders. Or something involving lace.

The real question is this: will you face me, Hero of Time?!?

Leland Dantzler said...

P.S. Travis is a STUD with that look on his face.